The Roman Coliseum in Phoenix

“The PGA Tour banned players from tossing items to fans at golf’s rowdiest hole, the 16th at the Phoenix Open. “A fan in public seating in a mad scramble to get a hat is going to hurt himself, or land on top of another person,” said Andy Pazder, the tour’s chief of operations. The tournament is scheduled for Jan. 29 to Feb. 1.”

It seems sad that the PGA Tour would set up a Roman Coliseum in Phoenix only to grow faint at the cannibalistic bacchanal that they went to so much trouble to establish. How better to make the case that the Gentleman’s Game is played by Real Men (and Real Women) than to inspire murderous frenzies over golf apparel? It would make more sense to elevate the tee box and toss players with bad shots into the mosh pit. Has nobody seen Suddenly Last Summer? When Sebastian resisted throwing items to the fans they had him for lunch. He never had a chance to call a penalty on himself.

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