Golf: Play It as We Lie

Golf is the only sport in which competitors are expected to call penalties on themselves. Recently, during a playoff at the 2016 Verizon Heritage tournament, Brian Davis called a penalty on himself because he disturbed a stray reed on his backswing in a red-staked hazard. The penalty cost him what would have been his first […]

golf tantrum

Why Golf Is So Frustrating

Golf seems like such a good idea, doesn’t it? It shouldn’t be the nightmare it is for so many people. Spending the morning with your friends, beautiful surroundings, playing and competing, occasionally making contact with the ball so sweet you can hardly feel it, but can only marvel at the sight of the ball doing […]

heart of masculinity

The Heart of Masculinity

It’s clear that men have a special love affair with golf. The reasons are varied but not all that complicated. Golf is a game and men love games. It is competitive–even if only with oneself—and men love to compete. It is played outdoors, often in beautiful surroundings, and men love the outdoors. It involves exercise […]