In the Business section

In the Business section of the NY Times in August 14, 2014, an article appeared titled Golf Resorts Change Course to Attract Younger Generation. Seems that younger people aren’t flocking to the links any more. In 2013, only 22% of travelers under 33 played golf when they stayed at a resort, compared with 42 % of baby boomers.

“Resorts are pondering that question, too, making changes that would have been unthinkable even a decade ago, adding speakers to golf carts and Wi-Fi access on the course, building high-tech training centers and miniature golf putting courses, and peppering corporate golf events with tangentially related activities like using golf clubs to hit marshmallows or throwing Frisbees around the course.”

Always ahead of the pack, the Ritz-Carlton recently opened a training center in Naples, including equipment like 3-D cameras that turn the user into an avatar.

Avatars on smart phones. I can’t wait for the future.

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