CBS’s co-announcers

CBS’s co-announcers for many years, Ken Venturi and Jim Nance deserve respect. However, there were things they said that irritated me that seemed to happen over and over. Let’s say their booth was stationed over the 17th hole. Having seen 23 players leave the ball short, when the 24th would then do the same, Venturi would often complain, “Jimmy, I don’t know why they keep leaving it short.” Well, Ken, it’s because they hadn’t had the benefit of seeing the other 23, don’t you think? Or someone would hit the ball way off line and Venturi would occasionally weigh in with “Jimmy, I don’t know why he would make that type of mistake…now he has to flop the ball over a bush and a bunker to a tight pin.” As if the pro had intended to hit the ball that badly.

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